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Braxton County Circuit Clerk Fee Schedule

The Circuit Clerk is authorized by statute to collect various fees, fines and costs. All monies are deposited into the county treasury for subsequent disbursement to the appropriate county or state agency or, as in the case of bonds or restitution, disbursed directly to the appropriate individual.

Susan Lemon

Circuit Clerk

Fax: 304-765-2947

Term: 6 years
Braxton County Circuit Clerk
300 Main Street, Suite 101

Sutton, WV 26601-1313


Phyllis Browning

Cynthiana Stout

Jacqueline Hays

Christine Cool


Honorable Richard A. Facemire, Circuit Court Judge

Braxton County office

Honorable Jack Alsop, Circuit Court Judge

Webster County office

Honorable Theresa Cogar, Family Court Judge

Lewis County office

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