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Braxton County Animal Shelter

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At the Braxton County Animal Shelter, our mission is to ensure a better future for the dogs in need in Braxton County whether through adoption into a great forever home, by finding the dog's owners and getting them returned home safely or by excellent placement with a rescue. We work hard to promote and ensure animal welfare and to spay and neuter as many as we can to help slow the pet population.


There is no charge to surrender a dog but donations toward their care are appreciated. Adoption fees are $99 for male dogs and $119 for female dogs. This fee includes spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, parvo/distemper vaccination, kennel cough vaccination, flea/tick treatment and deworming. We are unable to accept cats due to not having proper ventilation or the capacity. No dog will leave the shelter unfixed. We are willing to work with reputable 501c3 rescues. Dogs on stray hold will be placed for adoption/rescue after a 5-day hold. Please call the shelter for vet pricing and ask for our adoption/rescue coordinator Megan.



Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm

Contact Information
Braxton County Animal Shelter
10 Animal Shelter Lane
Sutton, WV 26601


Fax: 304-765-9695

Luke Nettles, Shelter Director, Humane Officer

Megan Stout, Adoption Coordinator

Cathi Rankin, Kennel Care Assistant



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