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Current Braxton County Commissioners

Lisa Mace Godwin, President


Melvin "Buster" Gum


Larry Clifton

Braxton County

Commission Office

300 Main Street

PO Box 486

Sutton, WV 26601


Phone:  304-765-2835

Fax:  304-765-2883

Braxton County Background

Formed in 1836 from parts of Lewis, Kanawha and Nicholas counties and named for Carter​ Braxton, Virginia statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Important salt works were formerly located at Bulltown and here, in 1772, Captain Bull and his family and friendly Delaware Indians were massacred by frontiersman.

Braxton Game Range (6,851.75 acres) is located in this county.

Sutton Reservoir, area 1,700 acres; provides camping, boating, fishing (warm water species), flood control impoundment, trout in tail waters of dam. Sportsman's paradise—northern pike caught (state record 1970).

Burnsville Reservoir provides camping, boating, fishing, picnic areas and nature trails. The area is developed for wildlife management by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Leading industries and chief argricultural products: lumber, natural gas, livestock, poultry, dairying, hay and grain.

Braxton County Commission

300 Main Street PO Box 486, Sutton, WV 26601


Fax: 304-765-2093

Municipalities: Burnsville, Flatwoods, Gassaway, Sutton.

County Seat: Sutton

Magisterial Districts (4): Eastern, Northern, Southern, Western

Voting Precincts: 18

Area: 519.70 square miles

Population (2010 Census): 14,523

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