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Sheriff - Tax Office

304-765-2838 or 304-765-2839

Fax: 304-765-3241

Braxton County Tax Division

300 Main Street

(Located on 1st floor of the courthouse)

Sutton, WV 26601

Chief Tax Deputy

Karen Brown

Tax Deputies:

Vicki Baker and Megan Shuman

Courthouse Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

We DO NOT accept credit/debit cards in the office. You can use cards when you pay your taxes online.

Receive general property tax information, general real estate information or pay your taxes online at

Taxes come out and can start being paid on July 15th of every year.


Redemption information may be obtained by calling the State Auditor's Office at 888-509-6568.


Concealed weapons permit application may be picked up at the office between the hours of 8am-3pm or click here to download a copy.

The Tax Office falls under the title of Treasurer of the County which is the responsibility of the Sheriff. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities of the Tax Office:

  • Mail county tax statements

  • Collect all county personal property, supplemental, and real estate taxes

  • Distribute taxes to all levying bodies

  • Prepare and publish delinquent tax list

  • Enforce and collect payment of delinquent taxes

  • Notify owners and lienholders of delinquent taxes

  • Conducts Tax Lien Sale for delinquent real estate

  • Distribute monies collected for redemptions from Tax Lien Sale

  • Process the license renewals for Class A and Class G Motor Vehicles

  • Collect and issue Concealed Weapon Permits

  • Balance all county accounts

  • Prepare monthly financial statements for all county accounts

  • Serve as Conservator for incompetent individuals

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